May 20, 2015

New Plaza Cutlery and Medford Knife project!

Medford knifeMedford knife 2

New Plaza Cutlery project with Medford Knives!

For those of you who do not know, most likely because you have not been in the shop we started stocking, or should say trying to stock Greg Medford's knives! They have sold pretty fast, many not making the website!

They are strong bold knives that work really well! He uses mostly D2 but also uses additional steels and is a small company like Reeve, Strider and Willaim Henry. One difference is most all his employees are ex-military like himself which is really cool! 

This is our first project and like most projects nothing goes as planed! The "Marauder" is one of his most popular knives so we decide on this model as it offered a big, bold blade that could be used as a general work knife or a slashing weapon. I know the tanto is popular but many more uses for this blade! We added a black PVD finished handle and Greg added some cut outs to make it more interesting and help with the grip!!


We did two versions, plain and with the dog paw graphic. I think it is a great looking knife and if you want a big folder, it is one to consider! Check it out!


Other news in the shop:

We are posting more on instagram. Jonna is handling most of it but Andrew and I can also be posting. Will do a few give away's when we reach 1,000 followers. its a start! Also we should have some vidio's linked soon to the website that Dan did for "How To Vidio" out of New York. We plan to start adding more this summer. I plan to redo some of the sharpening ones also, so should be a fun summer!


We appreciate your support! Come by and see us! Din Tai Fung is now open just across from us! Stop and put your name in (as there is usually a wait) and then come to the shop. It is the number one Chinese restaurant in the world! We enjoy it!


Thank you!



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