December 16, 2014


Sorry it has taken so long to post!


We have finely gotten the website to the point where it works correctly, departments are right on a regular computer. It has been real frustrating and a customer sent a email as to how disappointed he was in our site. I sent that to the website people and it helped to light a fire under them.


Now the computer website is working, the mobile they hope to have redone in the next few days. It will be text, but will list brands and then departments below and the pictures will come up when you get to the brand category. It will take them longer to get it working as it has different programing to be done. They now understand what I have been asking for and Andrew and had two slots reversed which did not help. I know some people were wondering why we had to go with this company. There were only a few choices as we are a retail store and the data base has to link to the website to keep it up to date. So it is always correct within 30 minutes.  If we went with an all new system we were looking at something we just could not afford. We are not Macy's. This company was willing to make changes, the main problem was getting it right and while you think it is easy they look at in their own way we look at it another. Any way we are close now and I hope you take the time and let us know if its good, or bad. Please wait for the mobile update before you email on it! We have had a number of people use "the pick up in the shop" option which is good to see!


They hope to have USPS, both USA and International fixed also by the end of the week also. UPS works fine but USPS was a mess. We can ship Fedex but you just need to call your order in.

We have been posting on Instagram so watch for those and we plan to post here 2 times a week. I will be posting the McNees limited edition only here as we are working out the design. Limited to 13 knives only!


Lastly for now we are officially on our 40TH year! We plan to do some special things and any of you who worked in the shop please email me. I would like to get as many as we can together sometime this year. We also will be doing something on a Sunday evening in 2015 as well as a few in store shows through 2015!


Have a Merry Christmas season  as well as a great holiday season to everyone!


Dan and crew!

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