First Post!


Welcome to our daily or weekly blog as we can make post!


It will take a while for us to figure this out but there will be sign ups and we will also post messages on new items, projects and show information! So please check back as we have waited so we can get this right but I am going slow so I understand!


Andrew will be rejoining the store full time for the summer and will get the blog perfected. He has his own blog at www.andrewdelavan.com where he post some of his writings. We have a lot planed and as I will have more time I plan to do a lot with it!


Please look over the stores new website and email me any comments. As it is on a back sever it will be fast once it goes live. There are items missing pictures that will go up early March hopefully just before the website goes live. You will find Emerson, Benchmade, shaving tools and Dan's old Case knives all missing. These will be going up in the next few months. CBS Los Angles is doing a shaving article so I do plan to get those items up as soon as I can.


For now please email orders in or call in. Once the website switches over you can place orders on line.


We have gone with all the highest security so should be as safe as any website out there online. To do this we had to give up some of the bells and whistles you will find on other websites. Using flash is not as secure and so we  went more basic. They are adding options as they can make sure they are secure and work with the data base correctly. So what we have today will change over eth coming months.


This is a start, please add comments so we can see how it all works!


Thank you!



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