24 November 2015

Hi there, 

Working on the site late. We are just about to update it so that the descriptions of the products under the thumbnails will be much more descriptive. The way we were doing it before we were only allowed so many letters. That's why everything has been so abbreviated on our site before. Hope for it to go through this week. 

In regard to product he got 4 Chris Reeve Large Sebenzas in. Two are the Night Sky "Shooting Star" graphics, one with the Night Sky with UFO, and one Morning Sun. I will shoot the pictures tomorrow and post them tomorrow night. Normally that means late like 9PM (Pacific Time) or later. I will try to post them sooner if we are not too busy in the shop. Feel free to email or call if you are interested.

I did post a good portion of the William Henry Studio jewelry pieces we got in recently. Still have a few more to do. They are gorgeous pieces! Like this one:

William Henry Shield Bracelet BR5S MT BR with Mammoth Tooth Inlaid into Sterling Silver - Large

Or this:

William Henry Bracelet BB6 DB RB with Red Dinosaur Bone, Black Onyx, and Sterling Silver - Medium

And one of my personal favorites:

William Henry Full Circle Bracelet BR7 with Sterling Silver Snake Head and Tail - Medium

For the snake bracelet you actually press down on the back of the head toward the neck of the snake and the jaw opens to unhook. Super sweet pieces! Check them out here:



I posted the Chaves low production line a bit ago. The ones that are $675 Chaves did the handles himself and a bit of customization with the color, finish, and the hardware finish as well! They are all nice pieces and the regular stone washed one goes for $475. Super solid pieces with a great feel in the hand. Check them out further here:




Until next time, all the best,

Andrew Delavan

10 November 2015

Another holiday season is creeping up on us. The mall has been working through the night to put up their decorations, and here are Plaza Cutlery we are well stocked even with tactical stockings! Still a few more things coming in. We will be working at putting out William Henry Studio's jewelry, which they have all kinds of awesome pieces from skull necklaces to snake bracelets and materials like mammoth tooth and dinosaur bone (see the below picture)! We will also have a Black Friday sale on Wusthof Knives, which make a great gift if you already have some good knives in your kitchen already.

William Henry Studio bracelet with a mammoth tooth bead: 



July 22nd

Just posted a bunch of knives from Hiroaki Ohta. Check them out at this link:

http://www.plazacutlery.com/storefront/shopbybrands.aspx?desc=Ohta, Hiroaki&auth=306

He always has such beautiful pieces of wood, and his prices are super reasonable for hand made knives. His friction folders especially are a great everyday carry that's only 1.0 ounce! For example check out this ironwood one:

Ohta Small Friction D2  IW



Just posted several more Benchmade as well. Still do not have all of the Benchmade on the website, so if you do not see the one you are looking for feel free to give us a call or email. I will be adding more as I can. Also will be adding more Jikko sashimi knives and general purpose kitchen knives. 


All the best,

Andrew Delavan

1 July 2015

Hi Everyone!


Sorry no post for a while but we have had a lot of changes here at Plaza Cutlery!


My youngest son Andrew is now working full time in the shop mostly working on the website. He has gotten a lot of help form Eric form "Point 7" and pictures are improving. Also more backgrounds so watch as he gets better. His pictures have the stores name on them, mine do not. Also notice Benchmade and Jikko Sushi knives are now going up. I still have to help with descriptions but we are getting more up! We hope to have an email blast soon as there are a few new projects and many knives!


Also all new www.californiacustomknifeshow.com  !  Would really like feedback on this as well as Facebook likes. A lot of pictures and as much info as I can post! A little cluttered but a lot of information!


Watch the website and please send feed back!


Thank you!


2 June 2015

Blade Show 2015

Dan, Yuko and Andrew are off to the blade show in Atlanta! The other guys will still be at the shop if you need help or have questions. International orders will not go out until next week however. Looking forward to seeing all of the makers that we do not get to see on the west coast and see some new models/styles. Hope to see some of you there. 




Andrew Delavan

27 May 2015

Hi there,

The long awaited Medfords out to be delivered tomorrow. We will photograph them and post pictures as soon as possible. We do have a list of names for several of the knifes. If you want to be added to that list let us know! 

We also got more Jeremy Robertson El Fuegos in. This time in three different finishes: hand finished, stone washed, and acid washed. We will post these pictures as soon as possible (probably tomorrow evening).

Some Les George knives arrived as well. Dan was photographing those yesterday, so I will try to post them as well when I come in for the evening shift. 

Other than that we are working on getting Wusthof kitchen knives up on our website as well!

May 20, 2015

New Plaza Cutlery and Medford Knife project!

Medford knifeMedford knife 2

New Plaza Cutlery project with Medford Knives!

For those of you who do not know, most likely because you have not been in the shop we started stocking, or should say trying to stock Greg Medford's knives! They have sold pretty fast, many not making the website!

They are strong bold knives that work really well! He uses mostly D2 but also uses additional steels and is a small company like Reeve, Strider and Willaim Henry. One difference is most all his employees are ex-military like himself which is really cool! 

This is our first project and like most projects nothing goes as planed! The "Marauder" is one of his most popular knives so we decide on this model as it offered a big, bold blade that could be used as a general work knife or a slashing weapon. I know the tanto is popular but many more uses for this blade! We added a black PVD finished handle and Greg added some cut outs to make it more interesting and help with the grip!!


We did two versions, plain and with the dog paw graphic. I think it is a great looking knife and if you want a big folder, it is one to consider! Check it out!


Other news in the shop:

We are posting more on instagram. Jonna is handling most of it but Andrew and I can also be posting. Will do a few give away's when we reach 1,000 followers. its a start! Also we should have some vidio's linked soon to the website that Dan did for "How To Vidio" out of New York. We plan to start adding more this summer. I plan to redo some of the sharpening ones also, so should be a fun summer!


We appreciate your support! Come by and see us! Din Tai Fung is now open just across from us! Stop and put your name in (as there is usually a wait) and then come to the shop. It is the number one Chinese restaurant in the world! We enjoy it!


Thank you!



Winkler II New Product!

Just got the new Winkler II product on the website that just arrived. Here is a peak, but follow the link to view all of them!








Hinderer Bowies Back In!

Hi there,

We got the XM-18 3.5" Hinderer bowies back in!




Check them all out as well as other Hinderers that are in stock here:



I will post our new Winkler II knife models tomorrow!



All the best,

Andrew Delavan

February 19TH

Well the Hawaii show is coming up April 18Th Hope some of you can make it. Rooms are available and a link is on the "Hawaii Knife Show" page bottom left of the website! Fun, free addmision and its Hawaii!


Our Medford Marauder is due in late February\early March!

20 Black Cerrakote folders with S30v blades

20Black Cerrakote folders with S30v blades and Dog Paw on the handle. 

If interested drop us an email at info@plazacutlery.com 

Thank you!




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