Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 with Dog Paw with Gold Color Anodizing w/o Bead

Plaza Cutlery is offering an exclusive Chris Reeve large sebenza 21 with Dog Paw gold color anodizing w/o bead for sale at $485 only. The front scale is ground smooth then the "gold" tracks are added! Also the blade has the fine belt finish for a little nicer look! 

Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-1735/Frame-Lock-Large/Chris-Reeve-Large-Sebenza-21-with-Dog-Paw-with-Gold-Color-Anodizing-w-o-Bead.aspx

Masterly Designed ADV Tactical

Visit Plaza Cutlery's unique collection of ADV tactical folders and order now masterly designed AdV Tactical - 4" Battle Cleaver - Bead Blasted. This is an amazing piece, for more details click here https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-4704/Flipper/AdV-Tactical---4andquot--Battle-Cleaver---Bead-Blasted.aspx


Rockstead - Factory Custom Knives

Rockstead is one of best brands in the knife industry and we feel proud to offer great Rockstead Knives to our customers. Rockstead knives are totally different in quality from other mass production knives and that is why Rockstead knives are known as factory custom knives.

Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/storefront/newitem.aspx



ADV Tactical Butcher at Plaza Cutlery

Plaza Cutlery is introducing ADV Tactical - 4" Butcher - Dragon Skin available for sale in store (https://www.plazacutlery.com). This is large frame lock flipper folder, overall opened length is 9", D2 tool blade steel, titanium frame material, dragon skin inlay made in South Africa.

Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-4709/Flipper/AdV-Tactical---4andquot--Butcher---Dragon-Skin.aspx

100 Piece Pearl Exhibition Knife

If you love multi-blades knife then order now 100 piece Pearl Exhibition Knife available at Plaza Cutlery. This is truly spectacular, normally sell for about $10000 but we are selling it on $6500.


Read More : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-4680/Tool/100-Piece-Pearl-Exhibition-Knife.aspx

Michael Vagnino Eliminator Frame Lock Folder

Michael Vagnino Eliminator Frame Lock Folder - Recurved blade style, S30V blade steel, Titanium handle material, medium sized frame lock at Plaza Cutlery.


2 Bladed Knife - Coffin Jack with a Stag Handle

Buy double bladed Kawamura Knife, beautifully crafted Coffin jack, blades made from ATS-34 Stainless Steel, nice texturing on stag handle and superb precious


Spearpoint by William Henry at Plaza Cutlery

William Henry B12 Spearpoint Inferno

Spearpoint by William Henry is a Collection of pocket knives and B12 Spearpoint Inferno is also added in this family with gorgeous design. You would love to see its hand carved sterling silver handle scales and a skull at the center.  


California Custom Knife Show - Sponsored by Plaza Cutlery

You can check, all new updates here about Plaza Cutlery, if not following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Other social accounts.

At this moment, the biggest announcement we have to make is –
“California Custom Knife Show 2017” sponsored by Plaza Cutlery.

Venue:  11767 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA 92840, USA.

For inquiry, please contact at: show@plazacutlery.com  |  714-549-3932

Click Here to Get More Details about California Custom Knife Show 2017

Super Reasonable Hiroaki Ohta Knives

Hi there, finished posting Medfords this week and the Ohta folders are all up. Still have the Ohta fixed blades to post next week! If you are not familiar with Ohta check them out:


Ohta Small Friction Folder with D2 and Iron Wood


They are super reasonable (starting around $70 for a hand made knife!) and he uses choice pieces of wood. They make great for an everyday carry:




Happy Independence Day!


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