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Hi there! 

After 44 years Dan and Russ have closed the store and are essentially retired. Dan will have a new website selling limited edition Chris Reeve Knives, Rockstead, Randall Knives, and special projects with Medford Knife and Tool and custom makers like Kirby Lambert. Dan plans to have the new website up in March. He will take special orders on Randalls, so if you have always wanted a particular model with particular materials you can order it through Dan and it will probably only take a few months instead of 5 years through Randall.

Also starting in March, Russ will continue to sharpen knives at Jostmar Jewelers located in South Coast Plaza, on the first floor below where our store was. Jostmar is hiding a bit, but if you go down the escalator right where our store was and walk straight you will see the restroom hall on the left hand side right by the Lego Store and Puzzle Zoo. Go down the restroom hall and in the very back is Jostmar. You will be able to drop off your knives with them and Russ will come by a couple times to pick them up. Jostmar does watch and Jewelry repair, watch batteries, and engraving. They also have Luminox watches! We have known them for many years and they do excellent work. I (Andrew) bought my wife's engagement ring and our wedding rings from them as well as had them engraved. They are great people!

We sincerely would like to thank all of our customers for support for all these years. Meeting good people and talking about knives over the course of years and even decades is what we will all miss the most. My family is also forever grateful for the Segerstrom family for the support and the opportunity to have our store located in what is considered one of the top five malls in the world, and the number one in the USA. Henry Segerstrom took a chance in leasing to "Del" Delavan (Dan and Russ' father), a hardware salesman and WWII combat veteran, who had the idea for a "knife store" before any shopping malls had them. The Segerstroms have been nothing but supportive and treated us like family. They were persistent in trying to get Dan and Russ to stay open longer, but at their age it is hard to keep up at the same speed with running a business. It is time for them to have some free time to fish and travel!


Thank you!

Sincerely from the Plaza Cutlery family

Rockstead SHU C-ZDP Blossom

Rockstead SHU C-ZDP Blossom with Large Button Lock, 7 5/8" Overall Length, ZDP189 (Around 67 HRc) Blade Steel, Titanium Handle Material, 3.5 Ounces Weight, Wood Box Packaging Made in Japan buy now from Plaza Cutlery. 


Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-4713/Liner-Lock-Folder/Rockstead-SHU-C-ZDP-Blossom.aspx

William Henry BA1 Bolt Antigua

William Henry BA1 Bolt Antigua with Fossil Coral, Opening Style: Bolt Action, Pen Length: 4 5/8", Frame, Clip, Accents: Stainless Steel, Case: Gift Box and a Certificate, Weight: 1.1 Ounces, Made in the USA buy now from Plaza Cutlery.


Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-4748/Writing-Instruments/William-Henry-BA1-Bolt-Antigua-with-Fossil-Coral.aspx

Dovo 7 Piece Manicure Set, Stainless Steel

Our exclusive German Manicure set is very popular and has all the normal everyday tools, include

1 Large Nail Clipper
1 Small Nail Clipper
1 Cuticle Nipper
1 Nose/Ear/Beard Scissor
1 Nail File
1 Tweezer
1 Black Leather Case



Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-3844/Manicure-Sets/Dovo-7-Piece-Manicure-Set%2C-Stainless-Steel.aspx

William Henry B04 Pikatti Knives


William Henry B04 Pikatti Tundra - Knife Style: Small Button Lock, Blade Steel: Rob Thomas "Mind Melt" Damascus, Blade Length: 2" Cutting Edge, Frame Material: Rob Thomas "Dot-Matrix" damascu, Case: Brown Leather Clip Case Carrying System (with Pocket clip), a Wood Gift Box, and a Certificate, Weight: 1.4 Ounces, Made in USA order now from Plaza Cutlery.



Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-3346/Button-Lock-Small/William-Henry-B04-Pikatti-andquot-Tundraandquot--with-andquot-Mind-Meltandquot--Damascus-Frame%2c-Bone-Fossil%2c-and-andquot-Dot-Matrixandquot--Damascus-Steel-Blade.aspx

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 - Night Sky with UFO

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Night Sky with UFO is one of a kind, unique graphic into the handle by Lisa along with the inlay.

This Reeve Sebenza night sky knife has a UFO in between the trees

Letter "Z": This one has a single much taller mountain in a bit lighter blue anodizing compared to letter "Y".

Letter "U": SOLD



Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-3140/Limited-Edition/Chris-Reeve-Small-Sebenza-21-Night-Sky-with-UFO.aspx

William Henry Knife - B10 Lancet "Smaug" with Jade, Carved Silver and Damascus

William Henry B10 Lancet is a small and medium sized gentleman's knife  which has a button lock, 2 1/2" Cutting Edge, 3 7/16" handle length, 3/8"handle thickness, Hand Carved Sterling Silver Dragon bolster material with Clip Carry Leather Case, Wood Gift Box and a Certificate.

Read More : goo.gl/r6XGbe


Rick Hinderer Knives Jurassic Flipper

Rick Hinderer Jurassic Prototype Run with Green Anodizing : Medium Sized Frame Lock Flipper Folder with Overall Opened Length: 7 7/8", Belt Finished Titanium handle material, 5.4 Ounces weight made in USA

Buy now from Plaza Cutlery



For More Details Click Here 


Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 with Dog Paw with Gold Color Anodizing w/o Bead

Plaza Cutlery is offering an exclusive Chris Reeve large sebenza 21 with Dog Paw gold color anodizing w/o bead for sale at $485 only. The front scale is ground smooth then the "gold" tracks are added! Also the blade has the fine belt finish for a little nicer look! 

Source : https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-1735/Frame-Lock-Large/Chris-Reeve-Large-Sebenza-21-with-Dog-Paw-with-Gold-Color-Anodizing-w-o-Bead.aspx

Masterly Designed ADV Tactical

Visit Plaza Cutlery's unique collection of ADV tactical folders and order now masterly designed AdV Tactical - 4" Battle Cleaver - Bead Blasted. This is an amazing piece, for more details click here https://www.plazacutlery.com/0-4704/Flipper/AdV-Tactical---4andquot--Battle-Cleaver---Bead-Blasted.aspx


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